January 22, 2022

3 thoughts on “Dr. Lee Merritt Interview COVID-19 Shot is Looking Like a “Self Disseminating Vaccine” (Herd Thinner)

  1. So how do we stop them from pushing this vaccine so hard. Some are getting their 3rd and 4th doses. They will die. How do we stop the insanity??

  2. I took the COVID vaccine because my family insisted including my wife. But I immediately increased the bodies imunity by taking Zink, D3, A, C (1000mg), plus I had already been taking Spirulina, Omega 3, Garlic, & a multiple vinamin.
    I have not been sick with anything since 2004 and then only had the slight flue or cold & I took zink then and it was gone in 2 days.
    I am 79 years old, should I worry because I took the shot of Maderna & my wife got Fizer?

  3. No one should take any shots or boosters , what is it going to take for people to want to hear the truth it’s right in your face !!! These cabal do not make any sense . Pray you must pray and have faith in Jesus he is beginning and the end !!!!

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