The Vox Report: A Warning From The Past To The Present and Future…, It’s The Jews

The Vox Report:

A Warning From The Past To The Present & Future…,

It’s The Jews

First published on March 14th, 2022

While the entire Jewish controlled media lies through their teeth that the US doesn’t run hundreds of BioTerrorism / BioWeapons laboratories is the most corrupt nations of the world, their own Jew controlled puppets already let the cat out of the bag years ago and it is a simple matter for any real investigator to follow the breadcrumbs of the Jewish directed, US agency run bioweapons labs everywhere. The big question: Can the Jew banking cartels pay off, bribe and blackmail enough scumbags in the US government to continue the coverup or will a courageous group within US military and the Intelligence agencies fight back and put these Jew scumbags who are burrowed deep within the crevices of the US BioTerrorism complex and root them out like the termites they are. The race is on and the survival of the human race is at stake. God Speed.

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