The Vox Report: How (((They))) Control Us (19 FEB 2022)

The Vox Report: How (((They))) Control Us

1st Published: February 19, 2022

Harry Vox, Unsafe Space

Jewish operatives covertly steer our institutions and leaders into illegal activity that advances Jewish objectives and at the same time causes the person or group to cover up their illegal activity unaware that they were manipulated in the first place into that illegal activity which just so happened also to advance the hidden agenda of their Jewish controllers in the shadows. There is no doubt that western institutions and individuals are deeply corrupt WITHOUT the direction of their Jewish handlers but this non Jewish steered corruption is merely for personal financial gain.

The type of “steering” of individuals and institutions that this video addresses relates to the evidence of a race specific biological weapon whose development was purposely steered into the domains of non Jewish persons and institutions such as Anthony Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszek, Darpa, Robert Kadlec, Bill Gates and other individuals and institutions who are NOT Jewish. But in the shadows of each of these persons and institutions there will be ties to Jewish funding however hidden it may be – it will be present. And each of these persons will be compromised and many times will unable to extricate themselves or explain away how and why they are caught in the Jewish trap of control, criminality and in this case a decades long conspiracy to kill off non Jewish populations and take over the world.

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