Rhesus Factor Antigen = 223 (English Ordinal) & 888 (Satanic)

Rhesus Factor Antigen = 223 (English Ordinal) & 888 (Satanic)

Blood Types A, B, AB & The Rhesus Factor are

Psychopathic Elite Genetically Modified Organisms


Blood Types A, B, AB & The Rhesus Factor are Psychopathic Elite Genetically Modified Organisms

O Negative did not originate from Alien Blood. The Royal Elite wanted a slave race and they give us the A, B, AB (by Xenotransfusions) & Rhesus Factor (by Karl Landsteiner a Jewish employee for the Rockefeller Institute). Rhesus Factor Antigen = 223 (English Ordinal) & 888 (Satanic). Now puppet Bill Gates wants to make the 3rd Genetically Modified Organism and final change.

Landsteiner converted from Judaism to Roman Catholicism in 1890. In 1916 he married Leopoldine Helene Wlasto, a Greek Orthodox who converted to her husband’s Roman Catholic faith. In 1937 Landsteiner took unsuccessful legal action against an American publisher who had included him in the book Who’s Who in American Jewry, stating that “it will be detrimental to me to emphasize publicly the religion of my ancestors.”

Understand History is ALL LIES.

The Rothschild Family, The Royal Family, Freemasons & Jesuits are all one big Global Mafia and Bill Gates works for that Corporation [NWO=OWN]. He’s working the depopulation agenda for the Crown Corporation of the Bank of England Empire. If you haven’t come to that conclusion yet, maybe you should study real history. The Georgia Guidestones was commissioned and erected by the “Rothschild family” , confirmed by the language of gematria. The “World Economic Forum” was created by the British Royal Family, also confirmed by gematria.

The countries involved in “Xenotransfusion” (Crimes Against Humanity) is England, Germany, France and now the United States with the untested COVID “mRNA” Vaccine. If you do not know your own blood type, finding out is easy with a $5-$10 do-it-yourself test that can be purchased online. The last place I would get a test is at the Rockefeller “AMA” hospitals (aka “all hospitals”). Not the place you want to be in the age of culling by COVID.

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  1. twin sis was put in Baylor Scott White hospital, she saw lots of Nigerians so called nurses that looked and acted like Loony Tunes. We drove down to Dallas and got her out. They are evil trans-humans. I agree 3 letter agencies are satan’s little imps. God told the imps ‘NO’!

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