Interview: Eustace Mullins (Just after recovering from being poisoned at Jekyll Island, GA)

Interview: Eustace Mullins

(Just after recovering from being poisoned at Jekyll Island, GA)

Just Recovering from being poisoned at Jekyll Island, GA

Eustace Mullins solved this great conspiracy way before the internet was invented and in my opinion he is the original Godfather of Truth. His book “The World Order: A Study in the Hegemony of Parasitism” was the first book written completely about the “World Order” (New World Order) workings and hierarchy of this criminal secret organization. Mr. Mullin’s research and writings have been plagiarized for decades, by so-called truthers. Only making a greater need for first edition books to be properly archived.

Eustace Clarence Mullins Jr. (March 09, 1923 – February 02, 2010), was an American political writer, author, biographer. As of 2005, He was a member of the Southeast Bureau editorial staff of far-right, even some would say Fascist, Willis Carto’s American Free Press. He was also a contributing editor to the Barnes Review. Eustace Mullins was educated at Washington and Lee University, New York University, the University of North Dakota and the Institute of Contemporary Arts (Washington, D.C.).

Mullins was a student of the poet and political activist Ezra Pound. He found common ground with Pound in their extreme anti-Semitism. He states that he frequently visited Pound during his period of incarceration in St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for the Mentally Ill in Washington, D.C. between 1946 and 1959. Mullins claimed that Pound was, in fact, being held as a political prisoner on the behest of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Mullins’ most notable work, Secrets of the Federal Reserve, was commissioned by Pound during this period, and written in consultation with George Stimpson, founder of the National Press Club.

In “The World Order”, Mr. Mullins argues that the Federal Reserve and other central banks are tools of a Rothschild World system, centered in the City of London, which extended its power through organizations like the Royal Institute of International Affairs, various foundations, corporate conglomerates, intelligence agencies, all Masonic and Jesuit organizations. He proposes that Nations are not really governing powers, but rather, that the world is parasitically controlled by this interlock of banks, foundations, and corporations, which acts as a unified force, tending towards World monopoly. He furthermore proposes that this oligarchical apparatus is controlled by corrupt, dynastic families that have accumulated their wealth through trade in gold, slaves, and drugs. He claims that as this consortium furthers its monopolistic ambitions, it will seek the establishment of a World Culture, eradicate nationalism, impoverish everyone except themselves, and progressively turn the world into a police state.

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