Do You Want To End The Global Tyranny?

Do You Want To End The Global Tyranny?

Publish The NAMES of The Private Shareholders of ALL Central Usury Banks!

This will cure the planned COVID-19 selective depopulation and all the other distractions.

End The Fed & The Rothschild’s Global Judeo Masonic Royal Mafia Network will evaporate…

We need the Current Published Index of the

➤ Private Shareholders Names of the following institutions:  

➤ Bank of England, ➤ Federal Reserve System & ➤ Bank for International Settlements


A Brief Philosophy by Ken O’Keefe at the Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark. These only three public known truthers speaking these facts: Harry Vox, Ken O’Keefe & Brendon O’Connell. In the coming weeks we will publish a list of deceased truthers from the past. Their warning fell on deaf ears but we will re-share some of their great research. This great conspiracy was solved by a few good men before the birth of the internet, and their names have all but been destroyed by these criminals that write the history books. We can not let their research and names be forgotten such as my hero, Mr. Eustace Mullins.

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