The Cover Story ALIBI: MacDill AFB 9/11 War Games HQ & Emma E. Booker Masonic Destruction Ritual

‘Masonic Destruction Rituals’ = 322 (English Ordinal)

 & ‘Masonic Destruction Rituals’ = 303 (English Ordinal)

The Cover Story ALIBI:

MacDill AFB 9/11 War Games HQ & Emma E. Booker


The two locations are less than a hour drive from each other. I totally believe the visit to the school was a great alibi “cover story” for the reason George W. Bush was in Sarasota/Tampa area. MacDill AFB was where the 32 leased USAF Boeing KC-46 Tankers (767’s) were stored (made possible by, Dov S. Zakheim). Were one converted “remote-controlled” USAF Boeing KC-46 tanker controlled on the ground by the German military drone operator, was flown into the second WTC tower my remote control. (The KC-46 tanker was used for show only…, too many video cameras were rolling after the missile impacted the first WTC tower, that was only recorded by two French Freemasons while filming a “so-called” documentary about New York City’s Fire Department). Their video had to be doctored or fixed, overlaying a jet on top of the Tomahawk missile. Thus the reason for it being release to the press the following day.


MacDill Air Force Base 9/11 War Games HQ

911 German Military
German Military working with the U.S. Military on 9/11, MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, Florida (just a 20 minute drive from George W. Bush’s elementary school reading of “My Pet Goat” during the first attacks.


(According to Kay Griggs the “German Military” were the Remote Drone Pilots at MacDill) & a 20 minute car drive is Yale’s Skull & Bones Puppet President, George W. Bush at Emma E. Booker Elementary School (Kite, Hit, Steel, Plane, Must & The Pet Goat story a total Masonic Destruction Ritual performance).

Related Gematria:

• Masonic Destruction Rituals = 303 (English Ordinal)

• George W. Bush = 47 (Chaldean), 58 (Full Reduction) “Go by & Professional Signature Name”

• George Walker Bush = 147 (Jewish Ordinal) “Full Birth Name”

• Emma E. Booker School = 211 (ALW Kabbalah)

• Kite, Hit, Steel, Plane, Must = 303 (Reverse Ordinal)

• Kite, Hit, Steel, Plane, Must = 84 (Full Reduction)

• Kite, Hit, Steel, Plane, Must = 999 (Satanic)

• This WAS a “Masonic Destruction Ritual” = 303 (English Ordinal)

• Masonic Destruction Rituals = 322 (English Ordinal)

• Military Intelligence 322 (ALW Kabbalah)

• Germans = 322 (Satanic)

• Judaism = 322 (Satanic)

9/11 Conspiracy Solved (2012)

The events of September 11, 2001 have left lasting scars on the psyche of America and other countries around the world. It set in motion a global understanding of modern terrorism, and sparked an ongoing war that shows no signs of abating. The desire to come to terms with this cataclysmic moment in history has taken many forms over the years – from somber mourning to reignited patriotism to outright rage.

ATTN: Staff at Emma E. Booker Elementary School (NWO Masonic Cabal using the children in a sick Masonic Destruction Ritual). Shame on you people!

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