Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich

Major-General Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich

Major-General Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich

Major-General Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich (September 08, 1866 – October 22, 1926) was a Major-General in the Imperial Russian Navy, and who moved to the United States following the Bolshevik Revolution.

He was a White Russian monarchist, and additionally he was heavily involved in Pan-Slavism, and various chivalric orders and cultural organizations, especially in the White Russian diaspora community in America.

He is known for authoring a book titled The Secret World Government, or, “The Hidden Hand” (1926), which presents extensive evidence showing the world is being clandestinely governed by a group of 300 individuals of “Judeo-Mongol” ancestry.

Major-General Count Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich died on October 22, 1926 in his hotel room in the Barrett Manor, a hotel located in Arrochar, Staten Island, New York. The New York Times initially reported his death to be from accidental asphyxiation from a gas line, but after further investigation officials concluded (9 days later) that his death most likely was a suicide, because at the time of his death not only was he penniless and living in abject poverty, but his life’s work of attempting to unite the 200 million Slavs in the U. S. and Europe into a republic had met with complete failure. Many Jewish sources including several newspapers from the time, also reported his death as a suicide.


“The Secret World Government”, aka: “The Hidden Hand” (1926)

For the “Text Version” of his writings go HERE (

These painstaking researches have been made in order to rewrite history “with conscience as Lamartine urged, as Washington Irving admonished. The results are presented to the thinking public to enlarge its intelligence, not its prejudice. The book should appeal to Jew and Gentile alike, that they may join hands in purging society of its enemies, be they Jewish plotters or Gentile participants; each group more contemptible than the other according to the point of contemplation.

The Jews should bring to bay the “satanists,” who corrupt the countries in which they have found asylum ; the Gentiles should make harmless every Judas, who accepts the bribes of the Jews.

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