Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel

Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel (2020-2021) (Parts 1-9 Updated)

Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel

Part One: Who is the Cabal?


Part Two: The Wrath of the Jesuit Council


Part Three: Russian Revolution, Great Depression & WWII


Part Four: The Protocols of Zion


Part Five: Georgia Guidestones, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, the UN, and the ‘Peacekeepers’


Part Six: Henry Kissinger

Population Policy, the UN and its many NGOs, the UN Population Fund, Population Control, forced abortions & sterilizations, and Planned Parenthood and Margaret Sanger


Part Seven: The Sequel (Part 7) NGO’s & So-called Charities


Part Seven: The Sequel (Part 8) Exposure of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Gates = 33 (Full Reduction)

Part 8: Exposure of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, their so-called philanthropy in India and Africa in the form of mass-vaccinations, one of the most favorite tools of the Cabal to roll out the Protocols of Zion and Agenda 21 and 2030.


Part Seven: The Sequel (Part 9)

Bill Gates GMO Everything & Corruption of the World Health Organization 

Re: a Documentary Series by Janet Ossebaard

Last Updated: February 24, 2021



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23 thoughts on “Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel (2020-2021) (Parts 1-9 Updated)

  1. Where is part 7 to the sequel.
    What do you think of what is taking place in America right now?
    Is Trump gonna come through for us?

    I heard part seven was taken off of Bitchute so I thought I would let you know we want to see it!


    1. Part Seven, released January 25, 2021. Actually, Trump is a groomed Cabal puppet just like ALL “born-to-be” Masonic & Jesuit criminals in Federal, State, City, County & other local governments. We are all slaves to the British Masonic Crown Corporation. Part Eight is in production and not released as of January 27, 2021.

      1. Wow, your reply worried me greatly. I have always fully believed that Trump is a decent, kind individual who cares about Americans (and others) and wants to clean up the cabal mess, and I’ve been waiting and praying for him and his team and the military to finally ‘move in’ and clean up the horrific deep state. My husband and I (as well as family members and friends) have been enlightened by your videos and greatly appreciate all we’ve learned from you (none of which we learned in school, of course). What would be the purpose of his cleaning up the deep state if he’s a cabal puppet? I value your thoughts on this.

        1. Hello Elizabeth, thank you for the comment.

          A person can not be in mainstream or politics unless you’re in the “born-to-be” groomed Judeo-Masonic Jesuit Network. Donald J. Trump attended Fordham University, the oldest Catholic & Jesuit university in the northeastern United States (third oldest in New York). Donald J. Trump is very good friends with Larry Silverstein and Rudy Giuliani. Silverstein is eyes deep in the 9/11 Attacks insurance fraud false flag, and Giuliani was Mayor of New York during the attacks. Giuliani was the one who quickly removed the 9/11 evidence by shipping the World Trade Center rubble to China.

          The 9/11 Attacks were part of the Cabal’s “Operation Aphrodite” (starting with #1] Empire State Building (1945), #2] 40 Wall Street Building (1946) & #3] WTC (2001)), which is a series of remote controlled airplanes hitting New York City’s Kosher owned buildings. Mainly for insurance fraud, killing of gentiles, and to install fear to the tax-slave sheeple.

          The Rothschild family is the head of The Committee of 300 or aka: The Olympians. The Olympians are the script writers and directors of the Bible prophecies every 2,000-3,000 years. Trump’s birth-rite gematria coding shows that he is a major player in this end-time script. The Hegelian dialectic is the goal and Trump, the “good guy” vs. the so-called “Globalists” is the game’s script.

          It all boils down to The Committee of 300, a Rothschild’s British Global Masonic Underground Mafia Network. All governments are Rothschild controlled and there’s no difference from the word “Federal”. Because Federal, State, City & County Governments are all Central Bank “human animal farm” shakedown grids.

          All s-Elected government officials and employees are Masonic gematria birth-rite coded groomed puppets. Based on our thousands of case studies, they’re all Rhesus Factor Antigen blood types. The common factor in this underground mafia has something to do with Masonic-Jesuit GMO blood Rh+, and can be proven in (((their))) criminal “Admiralty law or maritime law”. If the United States had a Non-Masonic military…, the criminal Kosher usury Central Banks would have been terminated a longtime ago for Crimes Against Humanity and High Treason. ~ Red Pill Media

      2. I am very confused on what you are saying in your reply to Elizabeth  So I are you saying this is scripted the ending is already known? Trump is cabal and we are going to continue to be under the Rothschild rule?  Explain what you mean by the RH negative and positive blood lines.

        1. Hello Rhoda, thanks for the comment.

          Yes, everything is scripted and Trump was groomed for his script. Trump is a Kabbalah Jesuit-Masonic coded puppet, plus nobody and I do mean nobody is in mainstream media, Federal, State, City or County politics (fake Democrat left & Republican right) are ALL Rothschild Masonic Crown Corporation puppets. Yes, we will continue under Rothschild Bank Usury unless the people (aka: Zip Code/Tax Shakedown Animal Farms) wake-up and end this slavery. However, there are 7-8 generations of German-Swiss MK-Ultra Masonic families that flooded into the United States from the beginning of the foundation of this country and they’re running this criminal country. They’re ALL gematria coded at birth and can easily be found when the men of this nation want to make a stand.

          Rhesus Factor Antigen = 223 (English Ordinal) & 888 (Satanic) and is an ADDED protein to pure uncontaminated human blood. This topic is too much of a divider to discuss here, but I encourage you to find official research papers (and books) of Dr. Karl Landsteiner (a Rockefeller Institute EMPOYEE biologist) and in my personal opinion a very evil person. This royal elite project started way before Landsteiner’s early work of the 1900’s and consists of GMO Blood Modifications, Xenotransfusion & DNA alterations. All doctors and nurses are part of the Satanic “AMA” which controls all hospitals. My best advise is to eat healthy and stay safe until this clown show is over.

          The Georgia Guidestone was designed and built by the “Rothschild Family” and is confirmed in the language of gematria. Gematria is the secret half of the English language that (((they))) do not want you to know. Pandora’s Box is open…, and is just a matter of time before the real party starts.

          1. Sorry but you’re wrong about Trump. He’s been a billionaire three times over and lost snd got it back, that’s not how cabal puppets work and operate. He was independently wealthy and could not be bought. He was not bred for politics. The military asked him to run. The media wouldn’t hate him so much if he was a puppet. Your arguments for him being cabal is weak AF

          2. Hello Lou Lou, and thank you for your comment.

            Sometimes we have to agree to disagree. Trump received a huge loan from the head of Rothschild bankruptcy banker Wilbur Ross and saved Trump’s Taj Mahal. You do not take money directly from the German-Kosher Rothschild Banking Family and not owe them the rest of your life.

            The reason Trumpf surname was changed to Trump is for the number 47. Trump = 47 (Reverse Ordinal), you see, you can’t be in this Kosher scripted mafia posing as government unless you have the coded gematria “birth-rite” name. Trump has a Kabbalah teacher and mentor…, what about these facts do you not understand?

            Study this picture and tell me what you don’t understand, and let’s not mention Trump is Jesuit educated. Have you ever heard of the City of London’s Masonic-Jesuit global conspiracy called the New Word Order?

    1. Not sure of the actual date of release for parts “The Sequel 8-17”. She’s very busy, but we’ll post them here within 72 hours of her publishing new episodes.

  2. Thanks for finally talking about > Fall of the Cabal: The Sequel (2020) – Red Pill Documentaries & Loved it!

  3. Just heard that Trump’s administration put away money allocated for ‘inauguration’ purposes for 4-6th March 2021. I think only presidents get inaugurated.
    Anyone have confirmation on this info??

    1. Tennessee Honey thanks for the comment.

      I haven’t heard anything of Trump since he left the office. You can supply a link to what you’re referring to and I’ll take a look, but it’s looking as the Cabal’s plan is to have Joe Biden die in office of dementia related illnesses. How anyone can believe that surname “Biden” = 322 (Squares), won this fraudulent presidential “s-election” is beyond my belief. It’s totally obvious that Joe Biden suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, and the Masonic Cabal puppet masters placed him in this Kosher script should be strung up in public for torturing this seminal old man. Their objective is to have him die in office and place puppet Vice Precedent “Kamala Harris” = 222 (Franc Baconis), in the hot seat. The real problem in this country is that our military is 80% Masonic “birth-rite” Kosher paid traitors that wipes their ass on the “oath to the Constitution”. Just remember whatever happens…, it part of the Rothschild scripted plan that will NOT benefit the people, but will benefit (((them))).

  4. So basically America is Fucked, We are all slaves and it will never change, just get worse. Please enlighten us on the future of Americans.

  5. I do not agree. I am not a Trump worshiper but I believe he has been put into place by God to end all the hideous wickedness we know is going on. Think of him as a modern day Cyrus. Cyrus didn’t know he would be the one God would choose to save the people from the evil that they had ignorantly embraced, leading them into Baal worship, but God did choose Cyrus. There are 10 righteous in every city in America praying for our nation. God said he would spare Sodom and Gomorrah, if there were 10 righteous people. I believe HE is using whom HE has chosen. Obama was our test and we failed and things got worse. But Many prayed. We got another opportunity to turn away from the evil in our culture. Five high ranking military men asked Trump to run for president, so they could end sex trafficking, among other things. After turning them down the first time, he agreed to run the second time they approached him. I know personally, men who pray with him weekly. He ASKS for that. They don’t do if for publicity and neither does he. When the sex trafficking and adrenachrome garbage that has been going on, evidently for years, is finally exposed, that alone will turn the hearts of the people. God uses whom HE pleases. Name one in scripture that God used that was a perfect man. There were None, except for Jesus Christ, His Son. .

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