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Russell Jay Gould is part of the Army Psychological Operations

Russell Jay Gould is part of the Army Psychological Operations

Russell Jay Gould captures the United States flag 22 years ago, and the United States is worse now than it was in 1999. Give me a break, this is just more kick the hope can down the road distraction. Absolute joke.

Russell Jay Gould is part of the Army Psychological Operations. This bullshit story is part of the City of London’s Masonic Crown Shit Show. Just selling you hope so you do absolutely nothing as (((they))) continue asset stripping you until the day your family wakes up homeless in the gutter.

Here’s the Cabal’s Scripted

Absolute Nonsense of a Story of Russell Jay Gould Capturing the U.S. Flag in 1999

How Has Your Life Improved Since Our Hero Captured the U.S. Flag in 1999?

“War Castles”…, What a JOKE!

People that are awake and NOT part of this Masonic-Jesuit Criminal Kosher Crown Mafia…, knows exactly what needs to be done. Neutralizing these evil fu*ks is a priority and needs to be done before (((they))) get your guns.

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21 thoughts on “Russell Jay Gould is part of the Army Psychological Operations

    1. Thank you for the comment Mark. Russell Jay Gould’s Rothschild Masonic Crown “Birth Certificate” (aka: Tax Slave Animal Farm) birth name is Kabbalah coded with the British conspiracy number “51” and the Catholic Church “Jesuits” number 201. This guy has a “scripted” Masonic role to play, and he’s playing it. Selling hope & kicking the Kosher usury can down the road, as we continue to get our wealth stolen, asset stripped and waiting for the next monetary scam…, the British Bank of England’s digital usury crypto-currency. If the United States had a Non-Masonic U.S. Military…, this criminal bullshit wouldn’t be playing out like this.

    2. I have been trying to rally patriots to use there second amendment rights as they were intended and that is to form a militia to stop this government from ruling the people. I have not had much luck, I have been getting trough to a few. Everyone is at the concensis, to wait for the gun grab then make a stand. I don’t think that a good idea but don’t know what to do to help people see what’s really going on, and how to organize them.

      1. Gacountryboy76,

        Watch the video series “Gematria Sunglasses” parts 1-10 that explains how they have controlled the planet for centuries. The U.S. Military is filled with these sorry criminal Masonic pieces of treasonous “born-to-be” bags of shit. That’s the first thing…, but until people get their head around how large this Masonic Conspiracy really is, there will be NO hope.

  1. Honestly,
    It’s all very confusing. Has Trump made progress, is he the one who is finally bringing it down? Is there truth to all the birth certificate stuff? Seems like 3-letter agencies are more responsible for psyops than military. Thoughts?

    1. Hello A-girl, thank you for the comment.

      Yes, it’s confusing because that’s their plan using distractions and chaos. The three letter agencies, military, all Federal, State, City, County governments are on the same team. It’s hard for people to wrap their heads around a global criminal conspiracy to enslave the entire world but it’s true. Remember the homosexual FBI’s Director and his quote: “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.” ~ J. Edgar Hoover

      Trump may or may not be the scripted hero that saves the day, by freeing the plant…, but if he does it’s part of their scripted plan. Trump is a groomed Jesuit-Masonic “born-to-be” Masonic network controlled player and you can trace his family tree back to Germany. This is a British European Masonic shit show and is a Rothschild Bank of England enslavement greed program. German-Swiss decedents that flooded the United States from it’s beginning. The birth certificate is just a title of ownership for this Rothschild Khazarian Mafia: (Templars, Jesuits, Freemasons & 1,000’s subgroups falls under this criminal Masonic Global Network). Birth certificate’s (aka: Animal Farm Tax Slave IDs) GIVEN FIRST NAME, MIDDLE NAME and SURNAME are all Kabbalah gematria coded to identify the born-to-be groomed “chosen one’s” puppets that run everything coast-to-coast.

      The United States is one big psychological operation.

  2. I just heard about this guy !?  The video I seen showed a man speaking to Green Berets? about Russell stating he is Americas hero ? Have you heard of Anna Von Reitz ?  I think she was in  Calm Before the storm group photo? Her dictation is interesting ! Prayers sent in all directions  too much misleading information! We want Truth!? 

    1. Hello Honeybe1 thanks for the comment.

      I’ve never heard of Anna, however her name is spelled with a small v in Von. That is a major giveaway in the Masonic Francis Bacon gematria cipher: “Anna von Reitz = 211 (Francis Bacon)” making in my view part of the scripted Kosher shit show. Same with the “Calm Before The Storm” Trump photograph press briefing (scripted). This goes to the Jesuit-Masonic coded “Russell Jay Gould” scripted capturing the U.S. flag in 1999, after the U.S. slave country’s third bankruptcy. Total Masonic scripted nonsense! If we didn’t have a 85% upper ranking Masonic criminal military…, don’t you think the United States military would have shutdown this global criminal Kosher mafia and seized the Committee of 300’s (aka: the Olympians’) gold and centuries of stolen assets at the Bank of England (London), Bank for International Settlements (Basel, Switzerland) and The Federal Reserve System (Washington DC). What I have read, is that the criminal central bankers lost it’s charter to print this worthless paper fiat currency in 2012, and was never renewed. However, yet (((they))) continue to print and asset strip us while continuing enslaving new generations of U.S. tax slaves.

      I can not envision a criminal cabal that has murdered, tortured, enslaved and raped humanity for centuries posing as government is going to walkaway peacefully. The people needs to somehow organize to clean up the U.S. Military and execute ALL secret society members inside it’s ranks (active duty & reserve units). Then that new version of the Constitutional Military, just neutralize these criminal Masonic puppet politicians at Federal, State, City & COUNTY level and their criminal Masonic spawn children. At some point the good will have to exterminate evil, or humanity will not survive.

  3. Geee Just because some nerd in 1999 couldn’t save the united states right away, and it became a shittier place. Doesn’t at all mean that  Russel Gould is a PSYOP like Q anon.

    Donald J Trump himself tried saving the united states after 4 years and the united states is still a shittier place. 2 years ago Trump himself and Michael Flynn even believed in Q as Trump was dumb enough on live news. In front of army generals and his cabinet to say “calm before the storm”.

    Yes, we have been in maritime law since mid 1999.

    Yes, we are birth certificate debt slaves since 1871. Our birth certificates are maturity bonds at the US treasury department.

    Yes, the language of contract language Russel-Jay:Gould says is infact true. I have an associates in  Business Contract Law. I am a contractor myself and know exactly the syntax is that they speak of that is numerical.

    These one man operations that ordinary real people do, like Russel or Trump do. Are infact “ordinary” as they are not part of the  illuminati matrix. Tgey dont have inter related conspiratorial relationships with organizatiins like the free masons, skull and bones, knights of malta ect.

    The 2020 elections should Awaken you a bit that there is a highly sophisticated racketeering and conspiratorial network that prevents the little guy or a real person that isn’t tainted from lucifarian satanism, from doing the good humanitarian deed.

    The next thing you might say is that Alex Jones is a zionist shill, and that his propoganda is fake news.

    Its small people with absolutely no power of dark lucifarian networking. Like Donald Trump, like Russel Gould, like Alex Jones that are making attempts to unify people before government actually does take the guns and realize we’ve been under a conspiratorial illussion for centuries as people.

    1. Donald J. Trump tried saving the United States? How, by saying he was going to drain the swam during his 2016 presidential campaign? Or was it hiring his lawyer and former Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani? Mr. Giuliani was the guy that immediately shipped off all the evidence of the 9/11 rubble to China? Maybe installing Iran-Contra George H.W. Bush flunky as Attorney General, remember William Barr? The United States has always been under the British Maritime Law from the foundation of this nation, not since mid 1999 as you claim. Russell Jay Gould or if you’re also playing the criminal’s word game “Russell-Jay: Gould”, Alex Jones, Donald Trump and anyone in this nation’s mainstream media or politics are “born-to-be” Kabbalah coded Masonic network birth names. The Illuminati matrix is just another name for the German-Jewish banker families Rothschild (Bavarian illuminati “Germany = 322 (Satanic cipher gematria). I do agree with you, all of humanity needs to unite and stand together before (((they))) get the guns. If that happens the game is over for everyone (If the guns go…, we’re gone). Everything in the news and alterative news is just noise distractions, kicking the hope can down the road as (((they))) continue asset stripping the population. Ending the criminal central banking system and terminating ALL the private shareholders (and their families) of these usury banks for crimes against humanity and high treason. Problem is, that 80% of the U.S. Military is “birthrite coded” Masonic traitors (PERIOD). Gematria encoded in birth names will be (((their))) downfall.

      1. Well I agree with you with some of your argument.

        William Barrs dad was friends with epstein. Rudy Gullianni use to be a board member of the CFR. Many within government are all connected to the 6 degrees of separation, to a 3rd power (666).

        However neither Barr, nore Guiliani in my investigations had deep inter connections into a secret society cult. Which makes them indentured slave servants through a bonded bloodline. They are puppets that chose to get to deep into the illuminati matrix.

        All Im saying in a nutshell is “Russel Gould” is a real person from wisconsin. You can find him on people search.

        Most of the information he has revealed holds merit.

        While our birth certificates have existed since the birth of this nation. We weren’t truly locked in as debt slaves as a maturity bond until the organic act of 1871. We did have a small period in time from the boston tea party until lincoln sold us down the road in 1861. Its why our United States Of America Corporation Company has the lincoln memorial. It had nothing to do with freeing the slaves, it was about enjoining universal enslavement, centralizing 1 single currency, and stealing private wealth and ownership.

        Our founding fathers for a moment in time up until Lincoln understood this. Like William Barr and Rudy Gulliani, lincoln while not being apart of the secrete society clubs was an indentured puppet slave. Which is why a member of the Masonic funded Lincolns Tomb.

        I wouldnt  jump the gun so as far to saying Russel Gould is a deep fake psyop actor. Me personally Im still digging for facts.

        When we look at Trumps presidency his hands were tied. All decision making happened from the military being under maritime law. Being that we know the United States of America Corporation is bankrupted, can’t legally be bound to contracts. The entire corporation is just theater. Once Trump got in, saw how the game is played he had tomolay by the beat of the deep state drum or get assassinated like kennedy. Former presidents like Kennedy gave us the warnings that they as presidents werent in control. But since presidents are “Trustees” to the Crown, Vatican, and Bank of London. Trump had the power vested to merge the U.S treasury, with the federal reserve which has infact led to the full collapse of washington DC and the United States of America Corporation Company. 
        We witness this when we see military fencing surrounding the capitol and the white house, and the fact the white house no longer says they are in washington DC. They are in Washington,
        Which again is fake news on political theater and add lib.

        All Trump did was buy us time. Give us time to react. There was no chance in hell he was going to drain the swamp as 2/3rds of government as we saw from the impeachment proceedings are all corrupt.

        As for me just as Ive travelled to numerous lucifarian secrete society locations such as Epstien Island. I also reach out to make contact with people like Russel Gould to request hard evidentiary facts.

        I would not at this moment saying that he’s a psyop. He could be very real and be used as a military tool that at any time could spin his truth into “their” narrative.

        1. Well, I agree with you with some of your argument too. However, I’ve been around long enough and read some great books that I’ve fact checked that were published way before the release of the internet. I do have a good understanding on how (((they))) have controlled this bank usury enslavement system. Nobody speaks out and if you do you’re considered a conspiracy nut. That’s when I realized just how bad this Masonic-Jesuit global conspiracy really was. There’s a reason there’s a Catholic church (and all organized religion churches), a Masonic Lodge in EVERY county in the United States, and is why every Federal, State, City & County s-Elected official & appointed employee is Kabbalah gematria coded groomed paid puppet. Zip codes are just Masonic “Shakedown” Tax Slave Animal Farms. By the way “Zip Code” = 666 (Reverse Sumerian) & 323 (Reverse Sumerian). Just like “Enslave” = 323 (Satanic). Police, Firemen, Postal Workers and the whole lot are decedents “born-to-be” Masonic network “chosen ones”. You can not own a business unless you’re in the gang.

          All I’m saying about Russell Jay Gould, is that he’s a Kabbalah CODED puppet. I’ve seen every new hero rolled out on their timeline and the story or agenda they’re pushing. Russell Jay Gould has the “201” Jesuit & “51” Conspiracy numbers attached to his full given name. This is NOT speculation I assure you, this is fact. There’s a lot of truth in what Russell Gould is saying, and again I agree with him in the majority what I’ve heard from him saying. This is how they control the narrative for centuries…,, it’s called “Controlled Opposition”. Please read the official definition of that term. People can sit on their hands and trust “The Plan”…, but that is exactly what’s going to bite the good people and their families in the ass. The last thing I’ll say on Russell Gould or your Alex Jones is that if they were any REAL THREAT to this criminal Kosher Cabal…, they would be DEAD in a New York minute. That’s a fact, which leads me to believe that Russell Gould, Alex Jones and the thousands of other Controlled Opposition puppets would also be dead. They’re here on a mission, bank on it.

          1. Your so right!!! I feel like we’re being deceived on every level by everyone. Nothing seems real anymore. While Biden and the demorats are passing bills that strip us of our rights, we’re being told stay home guys we’re handling this Our Hero is in charge, No violence guys and we had to allow this election fraud to get people to wake up, people are finally starting to wake up, but we already have all this proof of corruption, fraud and children being sexually abused and that’s all that it would take for people to know the truth is 100% proof and after everything that I’ve heard about, there’s no way there hasn’t been arrest or removal from of any of the top players. It’s been completely embedded into us that there is always a hero for every “bad guy” and the hero always saves the day. One thing people always stand up for is an underdog that’s being bullied. The next thing you know our hero is going to being beaten by the bad guys and oops our rights have already been sold off and it’s completely over for us. Think about it we’re Americans and they know we’re not going to go quietly so they’re going to have a perfect plan in place to take us down. Question Everything? We The People have to truly wake up and do something fast!!! Before it’s too late.

          2. There is a few things your kinda glossing over… like the fact they almost killed him… I haven’t seen any proof he has been compensated in any way actually it has been the opposite… and as far as Trump goes he’s a few million poorer for taking on this venture…
            What gould says is true… check out the syntax’s language with numbers… numbers don’t lie

          3. Laurita thank your comment.

            Yes, Russell Gould says a lot of things that are certifiably true. That’s not in question, however “his story” of almost getting killed is his version of “HISstory”. What the key takeaway here is, that he’s Controlled Opposition. Please read the definition of this term:

            A controlled opposition is a protest movement that is actually being led by government agents. Nearly all governments in history have employed this technique to trick and subdue their adversaries. Notably, Vladimir Lenin who said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.”

            His birth name is Kabbalah coded with 201 & 51, and if you do not understand what I mean, I’m sorry but you’ll have to find yourself a Kabbalah teacher or read some books on the subject. People’s quality of life has got much worse since he “so-called” captured the U.S. flag. If he was any kind of a threat he would be dead…, not tortured and live to tell about it. I’m guessing you’re one of those “Q-People” or “Trumpster”, am I right? Maybe you’re married to a Freemason and a member of The Eastern Star? Whatever the case, Russell Jay Gould, Donald J. Trump, Dementia Joe Biden and soon-to-be 47th president, Kamala Devi Harris are ALL Rothschild’s Bank of England Masonic-Jesuit born-to-be actor puppets. This is one big criminal script playing out.

            The goal is to continue culling old people, useless eaters, asset stripping the sheeple tax-slaves before rolling out the Rothschild global cryptocurrency (their words, not mine). Just incase you haven’t figured it out yet.

  4. Don’t leave your freedom in the hands of someone else. Take action and stop waiting for someone else to fix it.

  5. Hi
    If this guy is true then why no action from 1999
    Is there any truth to all this??
    Are we to just surrender and keep quiet???

  6. Well I guess if we all claim sovereignty and stop paying gov. Taxes they’ll do what? We still have the Bill of rights! No. 2 seems to be a good user tool right about now. We get America back we can go help everyone else get their country back!

  7. Hello, I am reading all the comments. A friend of mine that lives in az says their govenor is a Jesuit and put out an announcement that he is proud to be working with pence on his new freedom for America campaign? He must not be a good guy either. I am trying to read and learn but it’s hard for me to understand it all. So is was Trump not a good guy if he is a masonic jesuit? I really thought God had placed him in tje white house to help rid the evil in this world?

  8. Impressed with your summation of Lincoln and the Organic Act of 1871. I am still grasping to understand and may never “get it.”

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